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Fluorescent (1744)
Fluorescent (1744)
Fluorescent (1744)
Fluorescent (1744)
Fluorescent (1744) +
Product No.: 1744
Suggested retail price
IP Protection: IP20
Light source specifications: 20W
Luminous flux of light source (lm): 1500


Excellent brightness is the advantage of tubelights. It is a great solution where focused light is needed - over a kitchen counter, or in a bathroom placed above a mirror, or anywhere else where concentrated light is a must.

Product Features

Product CategoryLight bulb
Colour temperaturewarm white
Luminous flux of light source (lm)1500
Light source specifications20W
IP ProtectionIP20
Light source lifetime (h)8000
Light source energy classG
Illumination angle360
Weighted energy consumption (kwh/1000 Ah)20.0
Applied voltageAC 220-240V
Vertical (mm)553.5
Unique box size X (cm)1.7
Unique box size Y (cm)1.7
Unique box size Z (cm)57.5
Net weight (kg)0.04
Gross Weight0.06
Color temperature (K)2700
Lightsource's ShapeT4

* Recommended retail price

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