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Trust and long-term cooperation are at the core of the RÁBALUX corporate philosophy. The fundamental aim of the brand is to ensure that customers remain satisfied partners not only today but in the future as well. All this can be ensured by wide range of information about the local market, the provision of innovative products and customer-oriented services, regular and active communication, and management that always keeps the demands of partners in view.

The RÁBALUX brand constantly tracks to changing market demand and is quick to respond to new demands. The product range is defined by prevailing market requirements. Particular attention is devoted to prompt deliveries, quality, efficient complaints management and a continuous stream of parts supplies.  Fully trained and experienced teams work in all areas of the company. As an international company we consider it important for local sales teams to be available to our speciality shop and multinational partners in every subsidiary.

One precondition to effective partner relations is the prompt arrival, in every case, of products ordered by our customers. This expectation can be achieved only with an excellent logistics background, a stock of sufficient size, as well as rapid and precise delivery. As a consequence of the efficient storage and delivery activities of our logistics division we actually increase the satisfaction of our customers. Our partners can rely upon our „Just in time” mechanism: they no longer have to keep a huge back stock which, naturally, is extremely expensive in warehousing terms. It is sufficient for them to order the required quantities of products when they are actually needed.

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