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Your bedroom is an area of the flat that is closed from your guests, which can be romantic, intimate, warm, attractive, soothing, relaxing or even extravagant according to your style and mood. Whatever style our bedroom has, when the sun goes down, the mood and quality of the lighting determines the space. When choosing bedroom lamps, you should keep in mind to also have the possibility of a slightly stronger light beside the lights that create the proper conditions for undisturbed relaxation.


Image: Marion 2446

When designing your bedroom lighting, you should first determine in what type of mood you can best relax, unwind, recharge in and then you can choose the LED or non-LED lamps and bulbs by taking that into consideration.

The central, general lighting will be the main light source in space in the form of a ceiling light or pendant, so as an additional light you should prefer the night lamps that provide a low-key, primarily soft and scattered light.



Image: Joel 2270

If you wish to enhance the romantic feeling in your bedroom, choose a decorative pendant that functions as an individual piece of furniture in itself. The bedspread, the soft carpet, the warm, hairy blanket and a beautifully lit picture with a nice atmosphere all help to make your daily fatigue disappear.


Image: Madeleine 7048

You can even put a higher bedside lamp on the nightstand, which offers an elegant appearance and gives a prominent role to the area next to your bed.


Image: Meda 2907


Image: Flossi 8812

If you need a more focused light for reading, put a reading lamp on the side wall above the bed. Choose one of the lever-guidable solutions and place them so that the light of the switched-on lamp does not interfere with the relaxation of the other person.


Image: Larkin 6530; with an E-27 socket under the white lampshade; the flexible reading lever has a built-in LED light source with a luminous intensity of 205 lumens and a warm white colour temperature.

When selecting the colour of the bedroom wall and the accessories, you should focus on the colours, which help you relax; with earth colours and the light green shades of nature you can create a soothing and relaxing environment.