Textures, shapes, materials in the world of lamps

Nowadays, it's unquestionable that indoor lighting does more than just provide light. Lighting follows the mood and style of spaces, and it can even dictate them. The possibilities and product features have expanded: now, it's not just chefs and interior designers who use terms like texture, material, and shape, but these characteristics have also gained significance in the field of lighting devices.Textures, shapes, materials in the world of lamps

3D printed magic: the world of unique shapes

3D printing is present everywhere today. If we can "print" edible cakes, we can certainly create lighting devices too. If you love technological innovations, getting at least one 3D printed lamp for your home is a must. We have created a pendant lamp resembling a ribbed fig with a delicate shape and a table lamp providing a pleasant decorative light.

Tiana 72216 and Tiana 74189 from Rábalux.

The fine, fig-shaped, ribbed surface of the Tiana pendant is the ornament and special feature of the living room. Complemented by its table lamp counterpart, they create a pleasant overall effect.

Aluminum foam: ultra-light and extra durable elegance

Aluminum foam is no longer just used in heavy industry; it has also become a known material in interior design. Due to its feather-light weight and durability, furniture manufacturers prefer to use it. Moreover, it looks great and can give a unique atmosphere to interiors. Just look at the beautiful shimmer created by the light filtering through the Samilo pendants! Believe it, this is not photoshop!

Samilo 72217 and 72219, newly designed products by Rábalux.

Samilo product family, one of Rábalux's own designed products.

Galvanization: the key to metal durability

Generally speaking, we don't change our lamps too often, so it's worth paying attention to the materials when choosing. Galvanization not only gives surfaces aesthetic advantages but also ensures their protection and durability. Especially if this added feature can be linked to lamps like the Kiara collection's table lamp, wall lamp, and pendants. The globular shades made of frosted glass perfectly fit both contemporary and classic interiors due to their simplicity. Combined with the golden galvanized metal frame, we can further soften their appearance. Combined with warm white light sources, we can create a truly friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Kiara 71081 wall light, 71082 ceiling light, 72249 pendant, and 74203 table lamp made of galvanized metal.

Kiara, a lamp family with clean, elegant yet modern style elements, equipped with durable protection.

Asymmetry: the dynamics of motion

Asymmetrical design lamps bring a new dimension to interiors. These lamps break the boundaries of traditional shapes and boldly rethink the role of lighting technology. They are not only visually exciting but also make the space more dynamic and lively. If you love to push your limits, get one of these! Here is an example of the Mirossi asymmetrical and twisted ceiling lamp.

Mirossi 71094 and Mirossi 72266 from Rábalux.

Asymmetry and a few twists, this is Mirossi. A special feature by Rábalux.

Glass and ribbed surfaces: elegance and uniqueness

The use of materials and the texture of surfaces greatly influence the overall look. In the world of lamps, these are the details that are impressive even when the lamp is off. Combined with light, they provide a truly eye-catching sight. Just look at how the light filters through the glass panels of our Veness collection!

Veness single, triple, and quadruple pendants, as well as a table decorative lamp in Rábalux's new collection.

Veness, the embodiment of lights shining through glass panels.

Do you see how the light scatters on the textured acrylic surface of the Grete lamp family?

Grete wall lamp and single, double, and triple hoop pendants from Rábalux.

Ribbed surface illuminated hoops in a unique arrangement.

Our new Florian product family is similarly playful, providing a completely different experience when switched on and off. Thanks to the internal ribbing of the glass shade, the light filters through even more elegantly. See how much the surface texture matters?

Florian single, four, and five pendant lights with internal textured glass shade from Rábalux's new products.

Florian: 2:1 mood. Smoky glass shade with internal wavy surface. One of the greatest representatives of the brilliant play of lights.

Illuminate your home with Rábalux's lamps featuring special textures, shapes, and materials! Visit our website, browse our latest indoor lamp collection, and make every corner of your home stylish!

Special textured, material, and shaped products in Rábalux's new collection.

Illuminate your home with uniquely glowing lights!


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