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The concept 'smart home' is becoming more and more widespread in Hungary too. Convenience and practicality are combined when you connect your phone to your smart TV, adjust the thermostat via WIFI connection or make a phone call with your smart watch. Similar considerations have led to the smart lighting of modern homes, when you can adjust the brightness or the colour of your lamps with the help of a remote control or a smartphone. Design lamps can also provide entertainment or relaxation.


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With these smart lamps, you can make the moments of your everyday life in your house or flat cosier, be it a rest you take after a hard working day, when with the help of a remote control you can lower the brightness of your ceiling light or even switch to moonlight mode by pressing a button. But even when you study for a tough exam or work from home, you can easily set your smart light to a cold white work lighting, thus making your preparation even more efficient. And all of this is easily available for you; for example, the Rábalux Ollie lamp /video/ can do all of the above with just one click! The brightness and the colour temperature can be adjusted using a remote control, thus making your home a more comfortable and modern place.


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You can also choose a table lamp with an extra function for your living room shelf or your nightstand. By touching the loudspeaker on top of the Rábalux Kendall smart light /video/, you can change its RGB colours in accordance with your mood while playing your favourite music via Bluetooth connection. And if you leave your home, you can take it with yourself, because it has a built-in battery.

Lift your spirits thanks to the many features of a well-chosen design lamp, or vice versa: customize your lighting to your current mood! Rábalux offers a wide range of similar products that can easily become the favourite accessories of your flat.


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