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Since you have decided to have a baby, you must have come up with the question: what kind of stroller, crib, changing table... should you choose. Nowadays it is not easy to find a good quality product that is trendy at the same time. In addition, we tend to ignore an important topic, i.e. is to be aware of the quality of the light in the children's room. However, our "most beloved ones" need a prudent care, therefore selecting children's lamps requires a careful preparation and awareness too.


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The first issue is to choose the colour temperature, i.e. whether the lamps in the children's room should have a cold, warm or natural white light. Cold light has a bluish, somewhat stronger, highlighting effect, making it ideal for bathroom mirrors and kitchen cabinet lightings. Natural white is the colour of natural sunlight as its name suggests, whereas warm white produces a slightly more yellowish light. It is best to choose a lamp with a warm white light for your baby's or children's room, on the package of which you can read approx. 2700K – 3400K value. In addition, you should also pay attention to the intensity of light, as the eyes of babies are still very sensitive, so you should avoid strong light. If you have the chance, choose a brightness-adjustable lamp to gradually light up the room from the total darkness of the night when your baby is crying. This, during the infancy, means that we, parents go to our children, but as they start to grow up, we have to be prepared that even they might walk into our room in the dark. So as to make these "visits" free of any accidents, it is worth purchasing a children's lamp that can be switched on by pushing it, a so-called "push light", which can make the night traffic safer.


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Since we are parents too, we know that besides these, it is very important for our children to grow up in the most enchanting milieu, which has also prompted us to make our uniquely designed children's lamps really the centre of the children's room. "I was mainly inspired by the fauna, when I designed the graphics of the lamps. I created lovable motifs that make every children's room happier."
When designing our animal patterned lanterns, it was equally important to make children love animals and to explore the developing effect of the motifs. The patterns do not show a complete story, but several different tales can be told by looking at them, thus encouraging our children to use their imagination while playing.


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All in all, when purchasing all the items you need, you need to proceed gingerly about finding the right tools, which have a proper price-value ratio, but are also fashionable and represent a high quality. In the market of luminaires, you are surely at the right place when you choose Rábalux's uniquely designed children's lamps painted with trendy designs that also have a developing effect and meet all European standards. You can find our LED and non-LED decorative and children's lamps at as well as at our reseller partners. You can choose wall, table, ceiling lights, pendants or practical night lamps.