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1. IDs and Cookies Saved During a Website Visit:

When the website is visited the starting and finishing date of the visit of the user as well as – depending on the computer settings of the user – the type of the browser and the operating system are automatically saved. The system automatically generates statistical data using this information. The operator does not link these data to any personal data. The website sends a session ID upon login, which is automatically deleted when leaving the site.

Duration of data management: the browser data and the session ID are automatically deleted when leaving the website.

2. References Coming from and Linked to External Servers

The html code of portal contains also references coming from and linked to external servers independent from Rábalux Zrt. These reference providers are able to collect user data due to the direct connection to their servers.

3. Google Analytics

An external service provider (Google Analytics) helps to measure the website visits and web analytical data independently.

Google Analytics uses “cookies”, i.e. text files stored on your computer, which make the analysis of your website visits possible. The information created about your website visit via the cookies is usually sent to Google’s server located in the United States where it is stored. Google abbreviates your IP address, but only in EU member states and other countries belonging to the EEA agreement. It only happens in exceptional cases that Google sends the full IP address to its US server and abbreviates it there. Google will use this information as commissioned by the operator to assess your website use and to compile reports about the activities on this website as well as to offer further services related to the use of the website and the internet to the operator of the website. Google will not link the IP address sent by your browser to any other Google data. You may disable the use of cookies by the corresponding settings of your browser software. Data (cookies and IP address) collection and use by Google may be prevented by the download and installation of the browser plugin available via the following link:

Instead of a plugin or in case of mobile phone browsers, click on this link to install a disabling cookie, which will prevent data collection on this website within the framework of Google Analytics in the future. This will remain effective until you delete the disabling cookie. If the cookie has been deleted, it is enough to click on the link once again. You can find further information about the terms of service and the privacy policy of Google Analytics on the following pages:

Detailed information about the management of measured data can be provided by the controller via the following link:


4. Facebook

We hereby inform you that a Facebook pixel code was implemented in our website. Since we do not carry out any marketing activity our company does not collect any personal data capable of identifying visitors from you. However, you may find it useful to know that Facebook tracks your online activity even when you are no longer a member of the Facebook community. Internet data collection is made possible via the browser of your PC, tablet or mobile phone, which is independent from our website.

How to disable tracking:

a. on iPhones: Settings / Privacy / Advertising / Limit Ad Tracking

b. on Android devices: Settings / Google / Ads / Opt out of Ads Personalization

c. in browsers: Settings / Privacy / Disable Ad Tracking – this is phrased in a different way in each browser, but these settings can be easily found by using keywords.

5. Cookies That Can Be Disabled in Browsers

In order provide a customized service, the service provider places a small data package, a so-called cookie on the user’s computer. Cookies are text files making us able to provide you with maximum convenience when visiting out website. The cookie contains a clear letter/number combination, which identifies the browser you use. These cookies are only temporarily stored on your computer and they are only transferred to our server, when you visit our website. We mainly use session cookies, which are not stored on your hard drive and they are immediately deleted, when you close your browser or remain idle on the website for a certain period of time.

Cookies can be deleted by the user from their computers and their use can also be disabled in the browser.

You can view and delete cookies stored on your computer and you can also control their use via your browser settings. Further information about that is available from the manufacturer or via the help menu of your browser.

6. System Cookies

By visiting and using some of the features of the website the users give their consent to have the above-mentioned cookies stored on their computers and to give access to them by the controller. As a general rule, cookies are stored for 30 days, but users may require their deletion at any time as well as they can set and disable cookie-related activities in their browsers. However, let us call your attention to the fact that by disabling system cookies and without the use of cookies you may not be able to use all services available at the website, therefore in case of disabling, we redirect you to the Google search website.