Bring the light into motion!

In the classical world, there existed simple round ceiling lamps, chandeliers, and spotlights. The idea of mixing these types in any form in their characteristics, we could only imagine in a sci-fi movie at most. What luck that we already live in a vibrant, colorful, modern world where only our imagination sets the limit for design and realization.

Bring the light into motion!

In the past, the only solutions for controlling light were spots. Today, technology and consumer-tailored design allow us to direct the light from a pendant or a ceiling light to the details that suit us. This gives us the flexibility to adapt the light from our lamps to our activities, our mood or even the time of day.

The Henli product range from Rábalux.

Not only does the Henli product range look great, but its controllable light makes it perfect for you.

Do you use your dining table for anything other than eating? Do you sometimes help your child with homework or do arts and crafts? Perhaps you catch up on missed reports there, or play board games with friends? These different activities require different intensities and directions of light. To avoid having to change the light fixture for each activity, a good solution is a pendant with directional light. Control it, centre it, pull it closer...

Odiss product range from Rábalux

The Odiss product range of inverted trapezoidal lamp heads are adjustable in angle, so you can direct the light as you like.

But don't just think about functionality! As the examples above show, these lamps can be a trendy and cool addition to your living room, dining room or bedroom. Thanks to their design, they can stand out in a space even when they are not illuminated.

The Montema silicone tube new lamp  from Rábalux.

You can wrap Montema's silicone fluorescent tube around the metal frame as you like.

In today's world - no need to explain - minimizing energy waste is becoming increasingly important. Our new 2024 products with adjustable light feature built-in LED solutions. We've long known that LED lamps are the ones that mostly meet environmental expectations indoors. And adjustable light has an extra 'effect': it helps avoid the need for additional, alternative lighting, as we can always direct it where it's needed. This also helps reduce our energy consumption.

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In a nutshell, if you're tired of traditional, boring lighting, it's time to take a step forward and immerse yourself in the world of adjustable lights! They're lightweight, convenient, and stylish. They breathe life into interior spaces.

Check them out in our new catalog!

Look for them in our new catalogue!

Look for them in our new catalogue!

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