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A corporate group with stable financial position and international experience in operations stands behind the 30-year-old RÁBALUX brand. The centre of the enterprise is located in Győr, one of the most dynamically developing cities in Hungary. The regional logistics centre of the company, which has had an active presence in several European countries since 2002, is also located in Győr: the company supplies its growing partner network from a storage facility base with a capacity of 20.000 pallets. The corporate group - with a consolidated annual revenue of €27 million - enjoys continuous dynamic development; in addition to the operation of its ten own subsidiaries the corporation exports its products to a further nine countries.

As well as light fittings for the retail trade, RÁBALUX brand is also synonymous with reliability and optimal price-value ratio in terms of traditional and energy efficient light sources too. The annually updated product portfolio is in line with the very latest furnishing trends, but those customers who prefer traditional styles will also find their favourite indoor and outdoor lamp fittings in our brand catalogue.