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Decorative lights   |   Rock
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Product No.: 4129
Suggested retail price
Lamp colour: orange
Colour of lampshade: red-orange
Material of lamp: rock salt

Product Description

This decorative lamp is a candle jar made of natural rock salt, suitable for mood lighting, with an approximate height of 6.2-6.5 cm and a diameter of 8-9 cm.

Decorative lights

A showy decorative light can brighten up any room: salt, lava and other decorative lamps create a cosy atmosphere in a living-room or bedroom, and can be a popular furnishing in a children's room. The large variety of colours, forms and designs guarantees a fitting choice for everyone.

Product Features

Product CategoryIndoor lighting
TypeDecorative lights
Roomliving room, bedroom
Lamp colourorange
Material of lamprock salt
Colour of lampshadered-orange
Vertical (mm)65.0
Unique box size X (cm)10.0
Unique box size Y (cm)10.0
Unique box size Z (cm)8.0
Net weight (kg)0.6
Gross Weight0.7

* Recommended retail price

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