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Smart & Gadgets (1442)
Smart & Gadgets (1442)
Smart & Gadgets (1442)
Smart & Gadgets (1442)
Smart & Gadgets (1442)
Smart & Gadgets (1442)
Smart & Gadgets (1442)
Smart & Gadgets (1442)

Smart & Gadgets

Product No.: 1442
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IP Protection: IP20
LED technology: yes
Light source specifications: 3W

Flamel, being to true to its name, lights up our lamps with a flame effect. Depending on which lamp (floor lamp or pendant) it is fixed into, the "flames" of the LED light source "go" up high or down low. Can you imagine a more cosy lighting? When, after a busy day at work, you can finally lie down on the couch with a glass of wine in your hand eliminating any distractions, just turn on your lamp with Flamel light source and enjoy a calm, relaxed atmosphere. The smart bulb can be inserted into E27 sockets with a power of 3 W, a colour temperature of 1800 K and a liftimee of 25 000 hours. Its illumination angle is 340°. The diameter of the cylindrical Flamel is 40 mm and its height is 140 mm. This light source comes with a 1-year-warranty.

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We offer bulbs with the most sought-after socket types, such as E14, E27, GU10, and G9, available in various shapes and color temperatures. Among the LED types, you can find smart bulbs essential for smart homes and the latest technological innovations known as high lumen, i.e., high brightness variants.

Product Features

Product CategoryLight bulb
TypeSmart bulbs
Colour temperaturewarm white
Light source specifications3W
LED technologyyes
IP ProtectionIP20
Light source lifetime (h)25000
Illumination angle340
Weighted energy consumption (kwh/1000 Ah)3.0
Applied voltageAC 220-240V
Vertical (mm)166.0
Unique box size X (cm)4.0
Unique box size Y (cm)14.0
Unique box size Z (cm)5.0
Net weight (kg)0.048
Gross Weight0.071
Color temperature (K)1800

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