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Smart   |   Smart lights   |   Xander
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Product No.: 4540
Suggested retail price
IP Protection: IP20
Warranty (years): 1
Luminaire specifications: DC 5V 5W
Lamp colour: black
Colour of lampshade: transparent
Material of lamp: plastic

Product Description

Smart   |   Smart lights

We live in the age of smart devices, including smart lights. Smart lights can offer something that other lights cannot: brightness, colour temperature and the colour of light emitted can be controlled.  Smart lights typically come with LED lightsource and minimal design as the focus is on the extra functions.

Product Features

Product CategoryIndoor lighting
TypeSmart lights
Roomliving room, bedroom, children's room
LED technologyno
IP ProtectionIP20
Lamp colourblack
Material of lampplastic
Colour of lampshadetransparent
Material of lampshadeacryl
Warranty (years)1
Luminaire specificationsDC 5V 5W
Applied voltageDC 5V
Horizontal (mm)50.0
Vertical (mm)225.0
Unique box size X (cm)24.7
Unique box size Y (cm)7.7
Unique box size Z (cm)14.8
Net weight (kg)0.6
Gross Weight0.7

* Recommended retail price

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