Lamps that withstand the test of time - Rábalux is turning 30!

Rábalux has reached another milestone that is worth celebrating! It has been 30 years since the Czigler family from Győr started the Rábalux brand, which has now become a significant name in the lighting technology market not only in Hungary, but also internationally.

Rábalux 30

It all started back in 1993 when Rábalux broke into the Hungarian market with affordable, yet high-quality UFO lamps that matched with the interior design trends of the time. Some of these classical lamps can still be found in our product range, not only out of nostalgia, they will probably never go out of fashion, just as the company's core values have remained the same: reliable quality at an affordable price.

Alongside with the number of products, the size of the company has significantly grown. By 2003, the company already had 20 employees, many of them are still strengthening the Rábalux team of 160 people in the Central Eastern European region. Thanks to their loyalty, the name „Rábalux” has become synonymous with trustworthy lamps in the region over the years. We would like to express our gratitude to the entire dedicated team because without them, the dynamic development of the past 30 years would not have been possible.

Since 1993, the growth of the Rábalux group has been continuous. Today, we are proud to have ten subsidiaries throughout Europe and one subsidiary in China primarily responsible for quality assurance. Furthermore, we export our products to another 13 countries, and our network of partners is steadily expanding, just like the range of available products.

We dedicate great care to selecting our portfolio each year. It is unique that the quality control of our products is ensured by our own Chinese company. Our trading partners can view our product range in a stunning 1200 m2 showroom, and we surprise them with a great number of new products year after year. In 2023, our partners can choose from over 2000 items: this year, our assortment has expanded with 350 new products, and, of course, our own uniquely designed lamps are among them. p>





Lamps that have stood the test of time.

Let's travel back in time a little. It all started with these lighting products:

The golden age of UFO lamps - Photo selection of Rábalux's first lamps, which are still available in our range:

Ufó lámpák

These table lamps, spotlights and pendants – made in Finland - were also part of the range in the beginning:

Lival termékek

Over the years, the assortment expanded with more product categories, including bathroom lamps, floor lamps, and outdoor lamps:

Bővülő portfolió

Aligning with interior design trends and technological innovations, we also have an expanding range of LED lighting products and light sources:

LED termékek

Furthermore, our Smart product range is continuously growing:

Smart termékek


In 2023, we can still introduce something new with our own design:


Designed by Rabalux

Take a further look at our latest products >>

Thank you for your trust in the past 30 years, we promise that the Rábalux brand will be worth following in the future!

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